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“Dance is a conversation between body and soul”

                                                                                             -Martha Graham

The art of dance is a physical expression which offers immense motor, intellectual and mental perks. Dance motivates students in attaining discipline, focus and innovation.

We at Step up school offer Dance in its curriculum to stimulate aesthetic knowledge, development of self and holistic growth of students. Our dance room is a vibrating centre of rhythm where the children unwind and learn the aesthetics of movement.

The innovative teaching methodology, practices dance in an integrated approach to explain various academic concepts that are otherwise complex for students to grasp. We train children in both western and classical forms of dance. The performance outputs of this room are a special attraction in the school functions.

In our school, students are exposed to various Dance Forms. For e.g.;

  • Contemporary
  • Folk Dance depicting culture of India like Punjabi, Goan etc
  • Worldwide dance forms like Tap dance, Disco, Swing etc