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Computer Lab

“Indian Talent + Information technology = India Tomorrow”

                                                                                                     – Anonymous

Today’s technology-driven world cannot be perceived without computers. Using computers in teaching methodology act as an incredibly effective tool and hold numerous benefits.

The school has a well equipped computer lab run by well-educated and qualified teachers. Our labs are state-of-the-art with modern technology monitors, which are easier on eyes, generate less heat and consume less power, thereby keeping the classroom atmosphere comfortable for children. We use them for teaching-learning, documentation and presentations.

We encourage students to learn about computers and their usage. Here, the students collaborate, share their ideas, co-operate and develop essential life skills. With access to computers (one per student), students can develop their potential and widen their horizon by exploring alternatives. Their perspective takes a larger vision to enhance their abilities, confidence and self-esteem.

The computers in the lab are upgraded with appropriate software which offers hands-on ICT knowledge. Our dynamic curriculum integrates every theme picked at a level of study with the computer studies programme offered at the School. Students are trained in

  • Paintbrush
  • PowerPoint
  • Word Processing
  • Q-Basic
  • Other software to work on projects and assignments.

Maths Lab

Step Up School boasts of its state-of-the-art Maths laboratory where students learn the practicable aspects of mathematics.  It is the constant endeavor of the school to make mathematics more engaging so that stepians takes their Maths Lab experience as a support system to the learning process. Students are made to interpret arduous concepts by carrying out diverse activities that verify, devise and reinforce mathematical concepts already learnt. There are many puzzles & games that make learning fun like fraction kit, shapes, abacus, measurement apparatus, peg board, geo board, tangram etc.

Science Lab

Science laboratory at SUS provides our budding innovators to interact directly with the material or data drawn using the apparatus, models, charts, specimens and theories of science. The Lab is spacious & well organized, thereby enabling students to take the experiments to a different level and develop critical thinking skills. Our lab has distinct working models which are displayed for divergent practical observations conducted by trained teachers with adequate safety measures. Children are prepared for future by instilling in them an approach to resolve problems and detect solutions on their own.

Social Studies Lab

Learning the concept of Social Studies with help of charts, models & PPTs enable stepians to explore the unresolved mysteries of the Universe. Our Social Studies lab equips students with proper functional environment which not only provides academic but also factual knowledge, and inspires them to study the subject more attentively.  It provides a platform for students to demonstrate their presentations.  The lab displays important maps and globes, models of solar system, tectonic movements, volcanic eruptions etc and makes teaching of social studies effective, lively and interesting.