NO ADMISSION CHARGES!    Mandatory Public Disclosure


  1. Parents kindly note that if there is Any Fee Regulation by the Fee Committee (DFRC) set up by Govt./CBSE, in this case student should not entitled to avail offer on prescribed Annual Composite Fee.
  2. Fees may be paid in the school A/C office from 8:00am till 2:00pm on all working days or otherwise through online payment.
  3. First instalment has to be paid along with the registration fee and that is non-refundable.
  4. Mode of Payment: Fee can be paid Online/Paytm or by Demand Draft. In order to pay online, click the button above.
  5. The Demand Draft must contain student’s name, class, section, admission number, and contact number at the back of the draft.
  6. Date of payment is the actual date of realisation in bank, parents are advised to deposit fee well in advance in case of Bank Holidays etc.
  7. Fee for the entire academic year can also be paid together at the time of admission, but No Discount admissible.
  8. Late Fee Payment Penalty – If the fee is not paid by the stipulated date, a late fee penalty of Rs.20/- per day (including holidays) will be charged.
  9. Non-Payment of Fees for a further of 30 days after the pay by date shall result in Cancellation of Admission. To reinstate the admission, a penalty of Rs.5000/- will be charged in addition to the Late Fee Payment Penalty.
  10. The school reserves the right to revise/amend the Fee Structure from time to time, as per guidelines of DFRC.
  11. Issues related to any fee withdrawal is subject to terms and conditions of School’s Fee Withdrawal Policy.


  1. Self-Attested Copy of the Birth Certificate
  2. Proof of Residence Address – Aadhar Card /Passport/Electricity Bill/Ration Card /Voter ID
  3. Photocopy of Child’s Aadhar Card – Original to be shown
  4. School Leaving Certificate (Class KG onwards)
  5. Latest Report Card of the last school attended (Class KG onwards)