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Literary Club

Literary Club comprises of activities (in English, Hindi, French and Sanskrit) that improves the students’ speaking skills and demonstrate literature knowledge. It covers activities like slogan writing, book review, shlok and poem recitation, etc.

Eco club

In tune with our pledge to save our planet, the school has formed Eco club that encompass activities related to ‘Best out of Waste’ theme. Eco club teaches the students the importance of recycle and reuse. It includes activities like old T-shirt Painting, Eco bin, paper bag making, tree plantation etc.

Photography Club

Photography club is devised with the vision to involve, nurture and build up the hidden talents of students in the field of photography. It allows students to showcase their personal style & interests. Students grasp skills related to thematic photography, camera care and handling, camera setting and functions, concept of light & shadows etc.

Community Service

We have incorporated Community Service within the school curriculum and feel proud to be involved and committed to the noble cause. We understand that such opportunities offer valuable life lessons to our students as it is essential for them to develop a commitment to service. This helps our students become abreast, ethical, and responsible citizens.

Food & Nutrition

Food & nutrition Club at Step Up School helps children learn about importance of healthy eating and nutrition. Students are motivated for creative excellence, to work as a team and also teach them planning and making decisions & help to contribute to the family.

Theatre Club

The Theatre Club encourages dramatic presentations through diverse activities that enrich acting & speaking skills, like stage presentation, dialogue delivery, creative learning and spontaneous thinking. It allows children to communicate with a lot of confidence and also facilitates the teaching learning process. Students get to experiment with various personal choices and express their feelings & emotions.