NO ADMISSION CHARGES!    Mandatory Public Disclosure


The school provides safe and comfortable transport facility.

  1. Kindly check the pick-up and drop-off points displayed in the office, before availing the transport facility.
  2. The buses will not be going in bylanes.
  3. Students are not allowed to provide different pick-up and drop-off points. They are also not allowed to change their pick up/drop points temporarily for any reason.
  4. If the residence address changes mid-year, please note that the transport facility can continue only for the existing points. No new points/routes will be created.
  5. The transport fee has to be paid in four installments. Kindly refer to the fee structure for further details. No transport fee is charged in the month of June (Since the school remains closed for summer vacation).
  6. Parents need to follow the timetable given by the transport authority and be available 5 minutes before the scheduled time at the pick-up/drop point to supervise the child. The bus will honk 3 times and will not wait any longer at the stop.
  7. Parents are responsible for supervising their children to/from their designated pick-up/ drop-off point until they board or alight from the vehicle. This may involve crossing roads. School personnel will not assist children to cross roads.
  8. All possible efforts will be taken to see that the child is handed over to the parent/ guardian while dropping back from school. In case the guardians are not available to escort the child back home during drop time, the child will be brought back to school and it will be the responsibility of the parents to collect the child on their own from the school.
  9. The running time has been calculated to keep it to a minimum and we constantly endeavor to stick to the schedule, but if there are any delays or diversions caused due to traffic congestions/road repairs it will not be the fault of the Management.

**It should be noted that in case of extreme or persistent misbehavior, the School Authorities reserve the right to suspend transport facilities. School transport arrangements will then become the responsibility of the parents.