Selecting the Best School in Ghaziabad

Selecting the Best School in Ghaziabad

As a parent, we always want to make right choices for our children and providing quality education remains on top priority. However, parents feel challenged when it comes to deciding which school would be the best for their ward.  They debate over things like — what are the most essential parameters to select best school in Ghaziabad? Schools nearby with good curriculum? Is the school fee of nearby schools too much? Does school takes adequate safety and security measures?

Parents must consider some of the basic elements that can end up making their child more skillful and accomplished in terms of education and other correlated segments, by choosing the best CBSE schools in Ghaziabad.

Choosing the right curriculum – Each educational board follows a unique teaching methodology. It is important for us to understand this and choose the most suitable one for your ward. There are the state, central and international boards of education which are fairly challenging and universally acceptable. For instance, while curriculum in CBSE schools is oriented towards advancement of core skills, IB schools emphasize more on developing research abilities.

The non- negotiable factors- Safety & security is on the top of the list while determining the best private school for your child. The infrastructure of the school is another factor that determines a child’s mental state of mind. Comfortable and airy classrooms, vast playgrounds, comprehensive libraries and proper sanitation facilities create a positive impression on the lives of kids.

Consider the distance from home- For the student residing far from the school, daily commuting is physically and mentally tiring.  The lifestyle of kids becomes more hectic because of such long traveling hours. And as a result it’s harder for him or her to concentrate on studying after he or she reach home.

Teacher-to-Student ratio- Fewer students per class allow the teacher the liberty of giving individual attention to each one of her students – thereby enhancing the student’s learning capabilities. When a teacher has less number of pupils to observe then smaller things can be picked upon promptly and if needed, acted upon.

Budget- A more rational approach must be kept in mind regarding budget that you would want to spend on your child’s overall education. Before narrowing down school options for your child, one must enquire about school fee of nearby schools as proper budget planning is necessary for choosing the top schools nearby.

Does it meet your child needs? Children vary in so many ways. Each child is different from other, yet possesses many qualities in common. It is very crucial to perceive your child’s personality & behavior, and then shortlist among top 10 schools in Ghaziabad accordingly for lifelong learning & problem solving abilities.

Extracurricular activities- For the all-round development of your child, the school must be engaged in extracurricular activities which boost other activities along with education. Engagement in various creative & artistic activities can give an extra edge to a student as it promotes the intuitive and intellectual skills. The creative art, craft, music, dance, public speaking, sculpture or sports sessions give students a break from the long tiring classes.

Teaching Methodology- It is important to gather knowledge about the learning methodology of the school like homework policy, parent involvement, PTMs, project works, examination patterns, frequency of exams, smart classes, computer labs,  abacus, olympiad training, recreational clubs etc.

Step Up School, an initiative of ABESIT Group (with legacy of more than 12 years) is the best school near crossing republik. With a purpose driven philosophy, the school aims at building strong foundation in early years & consider each day as an opportunity to learn new things, through new modes and techniques.






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