Dealing with Exam Stress

Dealing with Exams Stress

Exam stress can start when you feel child can’t cope with revision, or feel pressure from his/her family, school or society. They might feel that nobody else understands them.
But bottling up stress and trying to deal with it on your own can often worsen the situation. Preparing for examination can create feelings of worry and pressure, especially for kids who are aiming for board exams.

But, does this exam pressure is limited only to children? No.  We, as parents fear exam time too. We get really worried about our child’s performance in the exam and try every possible way to help them score well.

Anxious/stressed kids-

  1. Feel tensed & worried
  2. Are sleep deprived
  3. Posses negative attitude
  4. Mostly irritated
  5. Experience headache & stomach pain too often

But, there are ways to beat exam stress & prepare your child for upcoming exams-

Balanced Diet – Parents must ensure that child is getting adequate and nutritious food at this phase. Their diet should include fresh fruits, green vegetables & nuts. This will keep the child fit & improve his concentration.

Exercise regularly– Any form of physical activity is a stress reliever & a great way to clear mind and boost your mood. It’s also an important way to remain healthy during exam time. With an exercise routine of just 20 minutes, child gets ready to hit the books with renewed focus.

Short breaks– It is difficult to sustain child’s concentration for hours at a time, so one must not forget to factor in some time for breaks. When the mind is in a wandering state, it’s probably a sign for taking a short break. Try to give a 10-minute break after every hour/s of studying, using these breaks as an opportunity to rejuvenate kids through a nice meal or a walk.

Better planning & Time management- Before the start of examinations, one must review for each exam carefully. This will help child to figure out how early he/she needs to start revising to cover everything. Having a study plan will make exam preparation more manageable, ensuring that you don’t forget to review a crucial topic.

Sleep well- Getting adequate sleep is most important during exams as it helps children focus, retain, and recall syllabus in a better manner. Restricting the use of gadgets and giving a healthy diet play a direct role in getting good night sleep.

Speak to someone– Parents support & motivation is a must during exam time. Listening attentively to your child will initiate a healthy communication & instill reasoning abilities. Parents should play role of a best friend and guardian to the child. They must provide emotional support at each & every step during this crucial period.









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