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Guidelines: Mid Term Exams 2020-21 (For Students I-VIII)


The school is starting its 2nd online exam i.e. UC-2 /Mid Term Examinations from 17th
August’2020. Date sheet and Syllabus for the same has already been shared with you by your
class teacher. Examinations will be held with the gap of one day. Only one class will be taken as
revision/doubt clearing session for the next day exam on the gap day.

The weightage of marks in these half yearly exams are based on following parameters:
For Grades I and II:
S.No                    Parameter                         Marks Assigned
1.                         Exams (Pen-Paper Test)       20
2.                         Summer Holiday HW              5
3.                         Class Participation                2.5
4.                         Online Class Attendance      2.5
                            Total                                       30

For Grades III – VIII:
S.No                   Parameter                        Marks Assigned
1.                        Exams (Pen-Paper Test)     30
2.                        Summer Holiday HW           10
3.                        Class Participation                5
4.                        Online Class Attendance      5
Total                                     50

1. The Exam will be conducted through Google Meet with a total time span of
1.45 hrs starting from 10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. including writing time and submission of
answer script (through Google Classroom).
2. Kindly ensure uninterrupted Wi-Fi/internet connectivity during the exams.
3. Remember to keep the stationary required and ruled sheets handy.
4. It is mandatory to appear in the exams as there is no provision for Re-test.
Time slot description:
Steps to send the answer scripts
1. Click the image of the answer sheet with a mobile camera .
2. Scan the images and make a PDF file and send it directly through
Google Classroom.
3. Pictures can be sent through Whatsapp but only if there is any issue with Google
4. Any answer script submitted after 11:45 a.m. will not be accepted.

S.NO.      TIME SLOT                                               DESCRIPTION
1              10:00 a.m. – 10:05 a.m.                Sharing /Reading of Question paper on Google Meet
2              10:05 a.m. – 11:25 a.m.                 Writing time for students.
3              11:25 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.                  Scanning the answer sheet/Click Picture and sending it to the concerned educator                                                                         through Google Classroom.
DO’s for the students:
1. Once the question paper has been shared, students will sit in a Google Meet class with video on.
2. In no case video off will be permitted. Switching off video during the exam will be considered as unfair means.
3. Clicking the pictures, scanning and submission is to be completed in online class in front of camera only.

Please feel free to contact the class teacher for any doubt or query regarding the exams.