Helicopter Parenting


Parents are the first and the best teachers of every child. They encourage, support and develop future citizens for our country. Style of parenting, for each one, is unique and distinct. Some are disciplinarians, whereas some are indulgent.
A Helicopter parent is the one, who gives extremely close attention and care to their child’s problems and experiences, in order to protect them for any harm. But, this well intended way of parenting hampers development in children. Hovering over the child every time, results in, a psychologically fragile, fearful child who has poor self esteem, low self confidence, anxiety and depression.
We advise parents to stop this practice as it robs kids of the opportunity to learn and experience themselves. Here is a list of few practices that can be helpful-
• Learning by own experiences
• Let the child do, what they can do themselves
• Make kids responsible for their own actions
• Let them fail
• No repeated reminders
• Give more freedom
• Opportunity to take small risks must be given
• Let child make own decisions


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