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Important Notice (Fees)-Session 2020-21

Dear Parents,

We are thankful for your trust in Step Up School.

Every parent likes their child to get quality education. They send their children to school to learn better in a conducive environment. But given the situation (COVID-19 lockout), this aim seemed impossible, but because of the tireless efforts put by our unsung heroes- step up teachers & staff, this was made achievable. The learning they plan, the environment they create, the friendships they help foster, it’s all incredible. As a school, we have left no stone unturned in providing the best digital education for our Stepians, as learning should never stop, whatever be the circumstances.

We are a new entity and always committed to provide the best and unique for your child. But owing to the liabilities which school have, we urge all parents to kindly pay quarterly fees or a part of it, whatever is easily suitable to you. We assure you we will always follow government guidelines regarding same when school reopens.

From the Session 2020-21, following fees structure will apply-
Annual Composite Fee- Rs 10800/-
Waivers (entire schooling) –
Girls– 25% on ACF
Boys- 20%on ACF
Siblings- Additional 15%

*We request you to pls deposit the fees and cooperate. Let’s fight this situation and become partners in the path of education.

Step Up School


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