Engaging Kids with Productive Quarantine Activities

Engaging Kids with Productive Quarantine Activities

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, self-isolation or quarantine is one of the key approaches to control the infection rates. This lockdown has created additional burden for parents. Children are free-spirited, like to go out, play and interact with their mates. In the current scenario, schools across the country are closed and they are forced to be at home day in and day out. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep children engaged during lockdown with productive quarantine activities.

We at Step Up School, have compiled few suggestions to help parents engage children, during quarantine, which are knowledgeable and interesting with the resources available-

Cognition Activities for Pre Primary Kids – Puzzle (Route, Word), Rubik’s Cube, Dot to dot, Spot the difference, Set up a treasure hunt, Have an indoor picnic, Practice opposites, Family-Photo Bingo, Sorting Colours are some suggestions to improve cognitive skills like logic, memory, concentration, audio-visual abilities in young children.

Letter Writing Activity- The world may be one touch away through online messengers and chat rooms, but nothing beats the charm of a letter. Letter writing is a great activity for teaching the art of penmanship to your little ones. It helps the children to be concise and clear, therefore, improving the thought process and developing clear thinking skills in them.

Learn & Practice Yoga-  It is one of the easiest and healthiest things which can be done with all age group children. This age-old discipline not only helps in improving overall health, but also assists in keeping the energy levels high. The lockdown is indeed a great opportunity to teach your kids the importance of having good health.

Try Hands at Cooking- The quarantine is a great opportunity to teach your young chefs some simple dishes that they can easily make without using fire. They can cook for themselves now! There are plenty of online resources available that offer easy & creative cooking videos.

Learning a new language- Knowledge of any secondary language proves to be beneficial for kids and may open up new horizons. Now, the online world is just a touch away, it offers plenty of apps that teaches different languages of your choice. Not only this, they are designed in the form of an exciting game, so that kids can have fun while learning.

Art and Craft- Involve your children in different art and craft activities at home. This will not only help them pass the time easily but will also give wings to their creativity. Parents can help them make simple craft projects, which can sharpen their artistic talents and minds.

Other Activities- There are lots of other activities that can be organized for your children, which will not only keep them from getting bored but also helps them grow. This may include playing games like Chess, Ludo, Business, Carom, Scrabble, watering plants, playing hide & seek, book reading, play dough creativity, learning about parts of plants/flower, book binding activity, family puzzles, creating organizers, story writing, plan scavenger hunts, baking, glow stick party, card games, puppetry etc.

Lockdown doesn’t mean boredom. So, stay positive, proactive & productive!