Online Classes – The New Revolution in Education

Online Classes – The New Revolution in Education

The global pandemic has taken a massive hit on all the sectors of the economy around the world. While it has been slightly easier for corporate and professionals to adopt work from home as the new normal and continue business as usual, the times have been far more challenging for the education system around the world.

Before the pandemic, it was a common sight to witness students in school buses early in the morning. But with the nationwide lock down demanding social distancing, the way education is imparted changed its course with the introduction of online or virtual classes.

With online school classes at home, students are now facing a drastic change in their normal schedule. Earlier, children would spend most of the day at school with their friends, and beloved teachers. Now, the tables have turned, and online classes have become popular.

We, at Step Up School, are trying to make each student comfortable with the new “normal” trend, with regular online lessons. Some ways in which online classes are transforming education for children during COVID times are:

Technological Impact- The recent changes in education system have considerably increased the importance of technology.  Online school courses are easily accessible to students. The recent changes have considerably increased the importance of technology.

Virtual Classrooms – Students can learn the necessary skills and knowledge at home through videos and online platforms. With online classes, students can now share knowledge with their peers. The video calling application helps teachers in assessing students simultaneously, thus saving more time, which in turn, is used to communicate and support the weaker students.

Beyond Academics – With the lock down, children can stay at home and connect with their family as well. While the online classes take care of the academics, students are getting moral values & education at home. This way they are learning the values of responsibility and independence.

Online Classes: The New Normal – With the inception of an online teaching system, schools are still running, different in many ways and identical in others. We, at Step Up School, are making our best effort to ensure that students have a good learning experience and do not fall behind in their curriculum. Until it is safe to step out of homes, online classes will continue to work as a blessing in disguise.

This tremendous use of technological tools in teaching amidst COVID-19 crisis will definitely lead to a new era in the world of education wherein the best of teaching faculty will be available from across the globe.