Role of Community Services for children

Role of Community Services for children

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we keep on putting lot of efforts to expand the horizons for our children that help them to grow and learn. Besides academic activities, we are keen on providing them with a new learning environment that is beneficial for their overall well being.

But what good are all of these, if they do not learn & know those things that actually matter in real world! We have to teach them the value of giving back to the community. For this, active participation of both, teachers and parents is required.

Community Service club at Step Up School is formed with an objective to engage students in various community services and helping them realize the impact of it. For our stepians, community services do not always have to be a grand project, but we inspire them to sharing a meal with the needy, donating money to someone, being kind with strangers, etc. We believe that such simple acts of kindness will surely make a huge difference in the child’s personality in the long run.

Volunteering activities-

  •    Teach students a sense of civic responsibility, tolerance, & empathy.
  •    They learn the acts of ceding. They understand sacrificing for others, particularly less fortunate people & create a difference to the child’s perspective towards life.
  •    They understand the fact that how much their contribution can impact the well-being of the society/community as a whole.
  • Connect students with the real world & develop a richer perspective of the world they live in.

There are several ways SUS helps students inculcate strong ethical values and character with a sense of service before self. We have Clubs, Awards, and other activities to engage children in community services. Various activities are organized throughout the year to inculcate community responsibility and sense of commitment in students.



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