Importance of Personal Hygiene

Importance of Personal Hygiene`

It is necessary to teach children, the importance of Personal hygiene/sanitation right from the beginning. With the rapidly changing climate, uncertain seasons, severe environmental pollution, deadly viruses etc. infections like cold, cough and flu are on the rise. Dirty hands, clothes, toys, furniture etc are the main channels through which germs travel through child’s body & spread numerous diseases.

We generally tend to miscalculate the lifestyle of our children by stamping it as a routine way of life. But we must understand that kids go through a lot of stress, which could be due to examinations, report card, peer pressure, competitions or homework load. It is important to evaluate situations like this so that your kid stays fit as a fiddle, both physically as well as mentally. Together with good nutrition and exercise, it is essential to teach kids about the value of personal hygiene health & hygiene.

Step Up School urge parents to teach kids following ways of maintaining a healthy & proper hygiene –

  1. Wash, wash, and wash your hands
  2. Brush and floss twice day
  3. Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing
  4. Sharing is caring, excluding toothbrush, towel, soap, and comb
  5. Clean clothes and no smelly feet
  6. Clean and neatly filed nails
  7. Sleep on time and in their bed
  8. Use hand sanitizer at school
  9. Imbibe the habit of carrying a handkerchief
  10. Parents should help identify germ-prone objects
  11. Keep your surroundings clean
  12. Make hygiene fun & exciting

At Step Up, teaching hygiene is an important part of moral education. This automatically boosts self-confidence and self-awareness in children. Highest degree of cleanliness in maintained in our washrooms, canteen, entrances, classrooms, laboratories, library & all activity centers. Practicing good hygiene helps us prevent any kind of illness & also ensure that there is no problem of body odor or bad breath. Since school life can be frequently disrupted by health disorders, thus good hygiene is a must and must be followed very sincerely.


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